Doctoral Program

Institute of Industrial Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine under the law of Ukraine #1556-VII dated 01.07.2014 «On Higher Education» and Procedure for the preparation of postgraduate students for PhD and Doctor of Science degrees in higher educational facilities (academic institutions) approved by the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #261 dated 23.03.2016 trains specialists for PhD degree at the third level of higher education through Postgraduate training program and for Doctor of Science through Doctoral program with a specialization in 051 — Econimics. Areas of Study:

National and Regional Economics;

Business Economics;

Mathematical Techniques in Economics;

Social Economy.

Doctoral Program in the Institute of Industrial Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine trains candidates for the degree of Doctor of Economics in the field mentioned above.

Citizens with the degree of Candidate of Science or PhD who have accomplishments in a particular area of expertise and are capable of doing fundemental, retrieval and aplied researches at a high level can be submitted to Doctoral Program.

The candidates must provide the following documents:

  1. Admission application signed by eventual academic adviser
  2. Identification record issued by Human Resource Department with autobiography (must be signed by HR Department at the previous place of work)
  3. Recomendation letter
  4. Personal reference from the Institute department (or organization placing for training) recommending admission to Doctoral Program
  5. List of scientific publications
  6. Copy of University diploma signed by HR Department
  7. Copy of Candidate of Sciences Diploma or PhD Certificate signed by HR Department
  8. Copy of conferral signed by HR Department
  9. Abstract of record of hearings of academic council on admission to Doctoral Program
  10. Medical Certificate (form #086-o)
  11. Copy of the 1st and 2nd pages of the passrport
  12. Passport, military ID, and the originals of the diplomas are provided by the candidates in person
  13. Photo 3×4 – 4 pcs
  14. Carton folder

Term of the program is 2 years. It is off-job training. Documents are accepted until August 15th, admission to Doctoral Program starts after September 1st.