History of the creation

Its history the Institute of Industrial Economics started in 1959 as a Department of Industrial Economics of Donetsk council of national economy that in 1965 was trusted to the Academy of Sciences of USSR as a Department of Institute of Economics. On July 8th 1969 the department was reorganized into the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Academy of Sciences of USSR and since 1994 into Institute of Industrial Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
The baseline in the work of the Institute starting 1969 were study and research of fundemental and applied problems in economics and business organization and corresponding lines of industry involving the use of economic and mathematical methods and computer technology.
As of the date of the foundation of the Institute there existed the following departments:
– department of mining industry economy;
– department of metallurgic industry economy;
– department of machine industry economy;
– department of chemical industry economy;
– production assets application department;
– economy and law department;
– construction economy department;
– department of interindustry economic research;
– department of automated data processing;
– economic modelling department;
– department of computer application in economics;
– research information department;
– sector of economy and material supply organization;
– library;
– HR department;
– administrative office;
– accounting department;
– computing centre of the Institute.

Starting January 1 1972 the Institute also included:
Voroshylovgrad branch, Dnepropetrovsk department of quality control and starting of December 1979 also Zaporizhia department of socio-economic problems of abondoning hard labour in production sector.
The Institute constantly seeks for the solutions to economic problems using modern information processing technologies, economic models that improve the production factor allowing the production organization plan to develop.
Today’s structure of the Institute is presented under Departments.
During the life of the Institute of Industrial Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the region the city of Donetsk has turned into one of the biggest centers of economic science in Ukraine.
Under the auspices of economic scientific potential of Donbass there was established the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine.
The Institute initiated the foundation of new academic institutions in Ukraine:
Lugansk branch (the only academic institution in Lugansk region), Institute of Nature Management and Ecology (as part of Dnepropetrovsk branch of the Institute), Institute of Economic and Legal Research (as part of several science divisions of the Institute of Industrial Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine).