Smart industry in the era of digital economy: prospects, directions and mechanisms of development

Monograph / [VP Vishnevsky, O.V. Vievets, O.M. Garkushenko, SI Knyazev, O.V. Lyah, V.D. Chekina, D.Yu. Crowvatsky] for ed. acad. NAS of Ukraine VP Vishnevsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Industrial Economics. – Kyiv, 2018. – 192 c.

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The monograph explores the features of the smart industry and its role in modernizing the industrial potential; prospective areas and potential efficiency of using smart-industry technologies are determined; analysis of barriers and risks of its development; the directions of the formation of the smart industry in Ukraine in the functional, sectoral and spatial aspects were substantiated; A set of recommendations for tax-budget and financial-credit mechanisms of the development of smart industry in Ukraine has been developed. For scholars, lecturers, postgraduates, students, all who are interested in the problems of industrial revolutions, digital economy and modern industry.
UDC 338.45: 336.22: 004 BBK U9 (2) 30 + U9 (2) 26 + U9 (2) 39
The monograph is prepared on the basis of the materials of the scientific project “Directions and mechanisms of development of smart industry” of the target comprehensive program of scientific research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “Reconstruction of the economy of Ukraine: historical challenges and modern projects”, as well as the planned research work of the IEP of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “Types of formation of” smart “industry in Ukraine. “