Scientific management and cooperation

Scientific management of the Institute is realised through:

using the results of basic and applied research to meet social, economic and ecological demands and requirements and reach innovative development of the country;

development of various forms of scientific cooperation (including international) with government institutions at a national level, non-government and social organizations, institutions and establishments of higher education system in order to solve difficult scientific problems, to implement the results of basic and applied researches and analyses;

participation of the members of the institution in educational process;

  • organization of scientific, practical and methodological seminars, conferences.

The Institute is the core institution of academic science in the east of Ukraine that defines and provides solutions to urgent social and economic problems of industrial production, builds innovative systems for industrial regions, upgrades and develops modern technologies. Thus, coordination of scientific research with local government institutions is an integral part of work of the Institute. Results of scientific research of collegues of the Institute are used when implementing development strategies, programs of social, economic and cultural development of Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Kyiv and Poltava regions.

The Institute effects coordination of its scientific researches with government institutions at a national level, ministries and agencies: the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Industrial Policy Committe, Committe on State Construction, Regional Policy and Local Government, Science and Education Committe, Committe on Social Policy, Employment and Retirement Insurance); Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (Department of development, innovations and intellectual property, Department of economic strategy and macroeconomic forecasting, Department of entrepreneurial development and regulatory policy, Department of local government and territorial organization of power); Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine; Department of strategic environmental policy of the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources of Ukraine; Department of innovative activities and technology transfer of the Ministry of  Education and Science of Ukraine; National Secutiry Council of Ukraine; units of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

The Institute works closely with major research intitutes and institutions of higher education of Ukraine in the area of scientific research, academic, structural, cultural and pedagogic activities through participating in joint research and development of corresponding scientific and methodological support thereof: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev (Kiev), Donetsk National University after Vasyl Stus (Vinnytsya), Kiev National University of Economics after Vadym Hetman (Kiev), University of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (Irpin), Ukrainian State Chemical-Engineering University (Dnepr), Alfred Nobel University (Dnepr),  Mariupol State University, Donetsk State University of Management (Mariupol), Institute of Social and Political Psychology of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev), Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogical Academy, Academic Pedagogical Insitute (Artemovsk, Slovyansk), Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogical Academy of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

In 2016 there was signed a protocol on perspectives for cooperation among Harbin University of Commerce, the Institute and Poltava University of Economics and Trade of Central Union of Consumer Associations of Ukraine. The Protocol involves signing of agreements on cooperation, accomplishment of scientific researches.

Totaled up the Institute fulfills the conditions of eight association agreements in the area of scientific research and education with foreign instirutons. In particular:

  1. Agreement with Svishtov Business Academy after D.A. Tsenova (Svishtov, Bulgaria);
  2. Association Agreement with Western University of Tinisoara (Timisoara, Romania);
  3. Agreement with Centre of Scientific Innovations of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (Baku, Azerbaijan);
  4. Agreement with Belarus State University of Economics of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk, Belarus);
  5. Association Agreement with Saint Petersburg University of Management and Economics (Saint Petersburg, Russia);
  6. Agreement with South Federal University (Rostov, Russia);
  7. Agreement with Institute of Economic Questions of Kolsk Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences (Apatiti, Murmansk region, Russia).

Participation of the parties in joint researches is realized in the following forms: creative interfacing of principal research workers over scientific questions; methodological and information exchange; editing of research material in publications of the both parties, participation in editorial teams of periodicals.

The Institute coordinates scientific activities with both government and non-government social organizations: Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, Federation of Employers’ Organization of Dnepropetrovsk region, Federation of Labor Organizations of Ukraine, Ukrainian Unions of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Social Organization «Donbass Recovery».