Applicants for a degree

Applicants for a degree that conduct research independently are registed with Post-graduate program of the Institute for writing doctoral dissertation in the required area of expertise for the period of 5 years.

Documents needed for registration with the Institute as an applicant for a degree:

  1. Application
  2. Identification record issued by Human Resource Department with autobiography (must be signed by HR Department at the place of work)
  3. Letter of request from the institution where an applicant works.
  4. Letter of recommendation from the employer.
  5. List of scientific publications
  6. Copy of University diploma signed by HR Department
  7. Copy of Candidate of Sciences Diploma or PhD Certificate signed by HR Department
  8. Detailed plan of research paper signed by the applicant
  9. Abstract of hearings of the department registered with the applicant and recommendation for registration of the applicant
  10. Certificate on PhD Candidacy Examinations
  11. Photo 3×4 – 1 pcs
    1. Carton folder

Documents are accepted during the year. Applicants are registered during the year.